Helping Business

Let’s face it, the market has shifted and is still shifting. Three to four years ago businesses were in a very strong position as the labor force was somewhat commoditized. Today businesses no longer have that luxury. Service-based industries are now desperately seeking qualified talent to meet growing demand and there is a definite lack of skilled labor, the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction. How are you planning to meet your staffing needs? What if there was a better way? Now there is… Staff Strong!  So what can Staff Strong do to help your business?

BusinessWoman Reduce Cost – We recruit applicants for you, without charging per hour plus an enormous buyout. Our cost structure is simple, you pay one fee for a subscription and that’s it! Hire as many people as you would like without any additional fees.
Increased Compliance – We help to keep you compliant. Have you ever been audited? Wouldn’t it be nice to have all compliance documents available at your fingertips? Of course! Now you can…
ReduceNet Operating Expenses – Considering the current political climate, businesses are headed for fairly severe challenges. Everything is pushing us towards a part-time workforce: Obama care is penalizing companies who work hourly employees over 30 hours per week, companionship exemptions are quickly going away, changes to  Department of Labor salaried exemption requirements are looming, increase in the minimum wage knocking at the door, etc. everything EVERYTHING points to the same cure, hire more people in hire than fast! In most cases just to break even it is estimated that a company must higher 30% of their current workforce immediately!.
Reduce Liabilities – Are you working your current staff too hard because you just don’t have enough help? The obvious liabilities of overtime, unemployment claims, workers compensation claims, etc. can be decreased by increasing staff census.

The bottom line is that Staff Strong is simple, cost-effective and efficient!